Make a Reservation

Make a Reservation

On this page you can book one or more rooms of our B&B, specify which rooms and for how many people, in addition to days of check in and out. We will respond as soon as possible with the availability and information necessary to complete the reservation. For any problem, please contact us.

Nome e Cognome richiedente (necessario) - Full Name (required)

La tua Email (necessaria) - Your Email (required)

Telefono - Your Phone

Scegli la Stanza - Select your Room


Inizio Soggiorno - Check In

Fine Soggiorno - Check Out

La Lingua di scelta - Your language

Numero di Persone - Number of Guests

Richieste Aggiuntive - Your Requests


Once you receive confirmation of the availability of the requested service (you will receive it at the e-mail address indicated in the form) you need to finalize your booking by paying a deposit of € 50.00 (per room) for bookings of one or two days or € 100.00 (per room), for bookings of more than two days. In high season there may be different conditions, will prevail in any case the information and directions that you will receive in our email confirmation. To pay the deposit, you can use the link in our email or the buttons below . Wait in any case our confirmation availability before making the payment.

1/2 days Deposit: € 50,00

3 or more days Deposit: € 100,00